The new season is about to begin!

Some of us just wants a fresh start. Some need new gear because the old one is worn out. Some of us wants to work harder than last year, putting in more effort, diving for those loose balls or work relentlessly on our shot! All of us need a good discount!

Iversen started the Sleeve trend

Regardless of reasons, we at Bench-Crew know that a lot of people feel the need to get some new gear for the new season – so naturally we have a start-of-the-season campaign on protective gear from McDavid!

Wade McDavid Leg Sleeve
Wade McDavid Leg Sleeve

Find your new shooting sleeve to protect that shooting arm when working relentlessly on your shot. Or your knee sleeves to protect you when diving for those loose balls. All from McDavid. And all with 20% discount on selected items to get you started with the new season. Or read more about McDavid.

See you on the court!