NBA Finals 2018 – Groundhog Day!

NBAFinals 2018

It’ about to begin!
The NBA Finals 2018.
The Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It feels familiar. It feels like we been here before. Like I just woke up and life restarted itself.

For a while a had the feeling that a whole new season just came and went. I imagined that Kyrie was no longer with the Cavs. That Gordon Haywood was no longer with the Jazz. That both of them went to Boston! And both of them got hurt. And Boston still was just about to win the whole east.

It felt like Chris Paul actually left the Clippers. To join forces with Harden in Houston. And nearly took them to the finals. With Harden having the season of his life.  And Carmelo joined Westbrook in OKC. With the addition of Paul George. And they still failed…

I had the ridiculous idea that the season began with Orlando and Detroit being two of the most exciting teams. And that Utah was actually a better team after loosing Hayward and acquiring a bunch of role players. And Pistons actually got a hold of Blake Griffin … and ended up being a lesser team.

For a while it felt like Philly was one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA. For the first time since it glory days with Allen Iverson.

But now we are back at square one. Like nothing ever happened. We could have just skipped these past 8 months and just went ahead to the finals. Again.

But then we would have missed out on some great, exciting basketball. And there is more to come. Starting tonight.

LeBron … better than ever. But home court rules.

Warriors in seven!


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