Molten 3×3 basketball

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The Inspiration!

The 3×3 basketball scene has seen promising growth over the past few years. This exciting game has three
players per team and utilizes a half-court playing space. In the beginning, Size 6 game balls were used in all
competition. Nowadays there are regulations set by FIBA for 3×3 balls.

Molten, of course, provides an excellent such ball and now it can be yours!

The Molten 5000 3×3 Basketball is FIBA approved and features remarkable grip and superior durability. It has a covering that is able to withstand the wear and tear of intense play on harsh outdoor courts without sacrificing grip and maneuverability. It has the the classical 12-panel design, based on the Molten GL7X Basketball.

The color scheme satisfies the FIBA regulations, and the yellow/blue colors ensure that the ball is highly visible in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The FIBA 3×3 standards require a different color scheme, size, and weight than indoor basketball. The maneuverability of a size 6 basketball has been combined with the weight of a size 7 basketball. The integration of the smaller size and increased weight allows for dynamic play and reduced wind interference when playing outdoors.

All 3×3 games will be played with a ball of the above standards regardless of age or gender.

The Information!

  • FIBA Approved 3×3 basketball.
  • Composite leather surface.
  • Butyl bladder.
  • Official size and weight.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Size 6 (all 3×3 teams play with size 6 regardless of gender and age)


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