Molten GG6X Basketball (Size 6)

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This top quality composite leather Molten GG6X basketball is the perfect ball for all of us who are not yet playing professionally, but still care about our game.

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The Inspiration!

This Molten GG6X basketball is the little brother of the GL6X official game ball. Made of premium composite leather it has excellent grip and bounce and is maybe a bit easier to play with, compared to the GL6X. The perfect ball for all of us not playing in the professional leagues in Europe and have still not (but soon will) made it to the World Championship or Olympic Games, but still want to play with a superb quality ball.

The Information!

  • FIBA Approved.
  • Composite leather basketball.
  • New patented 12-panel design for better fingertip control.
  • Flat pebble surface.
  • Butyl bladder.
  • Official size and weight.
  • For indoor use only.



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