Pressure Gauge

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Pressure Gauge to make sure your basketball has the correct air pressure.

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The Inspiration!

Talent is important. As is hard work, attitude and grit. But you also need equipment that matches your aspirations. And sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. Such as playing with a ball with too little, too much or incorrect bounce. And sure – you need a good ball to begin with. But the best of balls won’t perform if it is not inflated correctly – to that exact amount of pressure where the bounce is just right. Not only will it help you play better – it will also increase the life time of your ball. So don’t rely on gut feeling or unscientific tricks as dropping the ball and make sure it bounces to one third of the height or whatever.  If you are serious about your game, get a proper pressure gauge to make sure your ball is at it’s best. The rest is up to you!

The information!

  • Pressure Gauge to ensure correct air pressure of your basketball
  • With pressure release valve
  • Includes nipple
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