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This nonelastic sports tape will help you pay through minor injuries and help prevent further damage.

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The Inspiration!

You get bruises and pain when playing basketball. That’s just the nature of the game. Some are serious and you need medical help. Some are just painful and you can play through them. This nonelastic sports tape will help you play despite sore fingers, toes, ankles or knees. And honestly – you don’t want to sit on the bench just because you caught a ball sloppy?

Don’t get us wrong – don’t jeopardize your health! But don’t be a wimp either. Minor bruises … just tape and go. The stars do! For reference ..   On May 7, 2011 during Game 3 of the Semi-Finals versus the Celtics and the Heat, Dwayne Wade took down Rajon Rondo in a not-so-polite way and dislocated his elbow. Do you think he left the court? Do you think he was in pain? Do you think he came back? And kept scoring … barely using his left arm. That is one tough little dude!


The Information!

  • Widht: 2,5 cm
  • Length: 10 m
  • Inelastic textile strap
  • Coated with zinc oxide adhesive

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