Game 3 NBA Finals 2017 – Warriors go up 3-0

Game 3 NBA Finals 2017

Game 3 of the NBA Finals 2017 was wild!

The Summary

And not as expected – at least not by me (Gm 2 review). I really thought Cavs would make use of the home court advantage and that more players stepped up. And they did! For much of the second half the Cavaliers were in a good position and had a lot of momentum. Only to loose the whole game in the final three minutes when the Warriors went 11-0. Really wild and that probably decided the outcome of the series.

The Game

The Cavs started very aggressive trapping Curry on the first warriors possession trying to get it out of his hands, Kyrie scored aggressively on first Cavs possession, JR nailed a 3 on the second. Completely different team than what we saw in the first two games. LeBron had 15 pts after 9 minutes.

We still saw some of the same problems on defense for the Cavs. A clear lack of communication end of first when two players run two Curry while Green is holding the ball, leaving home wide open. Also Kevin Love walking back on defense while the Warriors score.

Warriors team ball was outstanding as always (remember team ball always wins!) with 21 assists on 23 made baskets in the first half. Cavs had 6 assists.

The Result

But it all came down to the final three minutes. Cavs broke down completely and was outscored 11-0 to loose the game. Iggy played did an excellent defensive play on the last possession. Tyronn Lue mishandled the time-outs and the game was over.

Durant was by far the best player on the court. Friday we will see if the Cavs can bounce back. Personally I think they will fight hard, but it will be a sweep. The Warriors are simply too good at this point.


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