Back to Oakland it is!

Back to Oakland for game 5

The Cavaliers where just too much for the Warriors in game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals. They led from start to finish and it was one of the most impressive offensive performance I (and everybody else watching) have ever seen. The series will now shift back to Oakland.

The short story

  • They set a new record for most points in a quarter in NBA Finals history – 49 points in the first quarter. 49! And of these LeBron had 8 (!) so definitely a team effort – just like the doctor ordered.
  • They set a new record for most points in a half in NBA Finals history – 86 points in the first half. That’s two less than ANY team scored in 4 of 5 games in the 2004 finals.
  • They set a new record for most 3:s made in NBA Finals history –  24. The old record was 2 days old and set by the opposing team.
  • LeBron finished with 31 pts and Love with 23. JR had 15 in a nice shooting performance, but…
  • … the Hero of the game was definitely Kyrie Irving.  40 pts in 40 min. 58% from 3. And they way he did it – Awesome!

The Warriors defense didn’t klick. They really had no answer for Irving.  Durant played well and finished with 35 pts. Curry shot 2 for 9 from 3 point land. That won’t cut it.

Officiating biggest aftermath

Other than that what stood out was the odd officiating. I really could not make any sense of it  – but neither could the broadcasting crew nor any of the coaches.

If you didn’t see it – here’s the recap

Monday next. In Oakland. Where it will come to an end.


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