Basketball Coaches Board

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Teaching moments! A basketball game or practice are full of them. But you need a coaches board to fully visualize and explain how to play. Pen included.

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The Inspiration!

Teaching moment!

That’s what my coach always said when you screwed up on the court. Instantly he would call for a time out, grind his teeth, take out his coaches board and start drawing. He never yelled, never lost control. He just grind his teeth, took out his board and started teaching. Teaching Moments.

Doc Coaches Board

He wouldn’t just use the board to draw up the next play. He would draw what we just did and then alter it to show what we should have done. He wanted to  teach us the game.

First thing I bought when I started coaching a youth basketball team was a coaches board – just like this one. And I started teaching. Trying to teach the kids, not just how to dribble, pass and shoot, but to actually understand and play the game. Because that’s what my coach taught me. Thank you Coach!

The Information

Full court on the front.
Half court on the back.

Updated with the latest court layout.

Marker pen included.

Material: Plastic.



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