Cone Orange 6 cm

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A low orange cone for basketball drills.

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The Inspiration!

As a coach, I am not a big fan of cone drills. No player has even been faced with a bunch of cones during a game. To learn the game, you need to practice against other players – as often and as early as possible.

Having said that, there are times when cones are helpful or even necessary, if you for any reason need to mark spots on the court for a drill or game. We like the low cones best as they are clearly visible, but at the same time does not draw to much attention from more important things – like the ball, the court or the defenders.

The Information!

Low orange plastic cone.

  • Height: 6 cm
  • Weight: 54 g
  • Color: Orange

Also available in yellow.

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Dimensions 6 cm

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