Molten BG5000 Basketball (Size 6)

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This top grained genuine leather Molten BG5000 basketball is the official game ball for most FIBA competitions and the Olympic Games and World Championship.

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The Inspiration!

Molten introduces the new BG-Series, as the official basketball of FIBA. As one of the top basketball brands worldwide, Molten continues to create superior quality basketballs with the latest innovative technology. The new surface texture offers the ideal grip that improves ball control when in contact with sweat or moisture. The sleek design of the BG-Series allows for optimum performance, ultimately enhancing the way the game is played.

This Molten BG5000 basketball is the official game ball for all FIBA competitions, Official game ball for all GB Teams and Basketball Ireland and used in every top International competition world-wide, including the Olympic Games and World Championship.

So you probably already seen this top grained genuine leather basketball in action many times throughout the professional leagues in Europe. And isn’t that your goal? Might as well get used to the ball, increase your level of play and enjoy the ride while doing it.

The Information!

  • FIBA Approved top grain genuine leather basketball.
  • Recommended for professional full time use only
  • New patented 12-panel design for better fingertip control.
  • Flat pebble surface and full flat seams.
  • Nylon wound butyl bladder.
  • Official size and weight.
  • For indoor use only.

Note that this ball needs to be suitably bounced in before ready for play. It will not feel comfortable when new – this is quite normal. Like all aristocratic beasts it needs to be broken in.



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