Stat of the Week Sale – w43


LeBron’s Scoring in Lakers debut

As mention (here) this season we will let the NBA teams and players create fantastic deals for you. Each week we will select a relevant stat from a game and let that be your discount on a select item from the store.

First out was the scoring debut for LeBron James with the Lakers. So how did it go? A pretty boring game that the Lakers and Lebron lost. It is clear that the chemistry is not yet there. But Lebron is LeBron and he scored a good 26 points. Which means that throughout this week, there will be a 26% discount on an Official NBA Game Ball from Spalding just as promised. Great deal decided by a Great Player!

Offer ends October 28

Week 44 – Jonas Jerebko with the World Champs!

Next week we will focus on the Swedish national Basketball hero Jonas Jerebko. This year he is playing with the best team on the planet – the Golden State Warriors. It is safe to guess that first and foremost he will be a role player coming off the bench. Which is what we love here at Bench-Crew, hence the name. We still hope that Jonas will get enough playing time to prove himself the same way he done in Detroit, Boston and Utah. So watch the game Sunday against the Nets.


Next week you will get Jonas minutes on the court in the Nets game as discount on a Molten GL7X Basketball so check back Monday morning if you need a new genuin leather basketball from Molten.


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