Stat of the Week Sale – w45


Kawhi Leonard with the Raptors!

19% discount Under Armour Cap – as decided by Leonard!

Interactive offers sometimes flop. This week we looked forward to see two of the leagues giants square off in L.A –  LeBron and the Lakers hosted the Toronto Raptors featuring Kawhi Leonard and we were really looking forward to that match-up. And promised to give Kawhis points as discount on a nice looking Cap from Under Armour. But things don’t always go as planned, which is also the beauty of Basketball. Kawhi didn’t play due to a minor injury suffered last Friday in the game against Phoenix so he scored zero. Not the best discount, so we will adapt and use his score from that Friday game instead, which was 19. Meaning 19% off this Cap for the entire week!

The games? Toronto won them both. Of course. 107-98 vs Suns and 121-107 vs Lakers.

Offer ends November 11

Week 46 – Harden shooting threes?

Next week we turn our focus towards one of the early seasons biggest disappointments so far – the Houston Rockets. They will bounce back and they will be a part of the playoffs come spring (yes, you can go back and re-read this then). But they depend on their star players who have yet to perform. And avoid getting suspended…. Harden with his herky-jerky style is one of the leagues most entertaining players. And he will hoist the three whenever he gets an opportunity.

Molten Libertria B7T3500
Molten Libertria B7T3500

Or..? Number of three point attempts from Harden versus the Spurs on Saturday will decide next weeks discount on a Molten Libertria Outdoor Basketball during week 46.






As mention (here) this season we will let the NBA teams and players create fantastic deals for you. Each week we will select a relevant stat from a game and let that be your discount on a select item from the store.


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