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OKC Stealing the show

12% discount on Training Tops from Under Armour – as decided by OKC!

Defense leads to offense. That’s what my coach used to preach – like most other coaches. It has however proven to be true. Good defense will lead to fast break opportunities and easy buckets. So much of the fan base are looking for the spectacular dunks and alley-hoops, but they forget about the steal a few seconds before, that leads up to the dunk. Crucial.

So which team is best at stealing the ball? So far this year it is the Oklahoma City Thunder at 10.6 steals per game, much due to Paul George who leads the league with 2,32 steals per game. That’s what we call defense!

Last Friday they played against the Atlanta Hawks and beat them 124-109. Paul George came close to his average with 2 steals while scoring 20 points. Westbrook had 23 points and 1 steal and the rest of the team added 9 more steal – a total of 12 steals meaning a 12% discount this week on training tops from Under Armour. Another great deal for you, decided by a great team!

The Thunder has made an impact and currently sits at no 3 in the West. Just ahead of the reigning champs the Golden State Warriors, who lost another game last night to the Pistons, despite having Curry back. Watch out for OKC this year.

Offer ends December 9

Week 50 – Does Hayward help the Celtics win?

One of our favorite stats is the +/- rating because it measures in real terms how much a player helps (or not) his team. It balances offense and defense contribution and simply states if the team is better or worse with a player on the court. It is also a measurement that can show irrelevant or incorrect values for players with little playing time or during garbage time in blowouts, so be careful.

Molten GG7X
Molten GG7X

The Boston Celtics was widely regarded as one of the top teams going into this season. They were excellent last year and finally got Gordon Hayward back, who (with Kyrie Irving) was anticipated to further lift this team to the next level this year.  Currently sitting in sixth place in the East with a 13-10 record they are somewhat of a disappointment thus far.  Is that because Hayward is not as valuable as everyone thought? Let’s have a look at his +/- rating in Saturdays game vs the Chicago Bulls.  The result will show up as a discount on a GGX or GFX basketball from Molten during next week.


GL6X in action

As mention (here) this season we will let the NBA teams and players create fantastic deals for you. Each week we will select a relevant stat from a game and let that be your discount on a select item from the store.



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