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Harden shooting threes?

13% discount on Molten Libertria Basketball – as decided by Harden!

This week we promised to give you a discount on a  Molten Libertria Outdoor Basketball based on James Harden’s number of attempts from three versus the San Antonio Spurs Saturday night. Although he did not come up to his usual standards he still hoisted 13 balls from three but made just one of them! As stated before – the Rockets should be a contender but relies on their stars to deliver. They still don’t and the Rockets are still a big disappointment this far into the season. The Spurs won the game 96-89 and the Rockets are now 5-7 and sitting in 12 spot in the western conference. But regardless of the poor outing from the Rockets and James Harden, you still get a good 13% discount on the Libertria outdoor Basketball from Molten! Great deal decided by a great player!

Offer ends November 18

Week 47 – Lowry doing the dishes?

Scoring is cool and most of our opinion about great players are based on scoring – or arguments regarding who is better than who. With few exceptions the superstars would not be superstars without a supporting crew. Assists is a good indicator on a good player who can handle the ball and find open team mates and help others – the stars – to score. And the other way around of course – you can pass all you want, but if your team mates don’t score you won’t get the assist. Still a good passer can not be underestimated and I would personally hold players like Steve Nash or Jason Kidd higher than some of the high-scoring athletes of today.

McDavid Shooter Arm Sleeve Black
McDavid Shooter Arm Sleeve Black

Anyway, next week we will focus on assists and will have one of the best in the game today to help us. Kyle Lowry currently leads the league with 11 assists per game or 143 total. That’s a lot of assists! To top it off he is seventh in Assist/TO ration at 4.1. So not only does he pass well and often, he also takes care of the ball and don’t turn it over. So his number of assists in Saturday nights game versus the Chicago Bulls will be the % discount you will get next week on a Shooters Arm Sleeve from McDavid. Watch the game to see a true passer and come back next week to get your discounted Shooters Sleeve.


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