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Griffin explodes in homecoming game – 33% discount on a a Molten GGX ball

One of the block-buster trades last year was Blake Griffin to Detroit Pistons for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley and fan-favorite Boban Marjanovic (Go Boban!). Last Saturday it was Blake’s homecoming to L.A. where he was the face of the franchise for 9 years. He was selected by the Clippers as no 1 pick in the 2009 draft and stayed with the them until this trade. Mostly known for his high flying dunks and athleticism but he has also proven – since joining the Pistons – that he has very good ball handling skills and high basketball IQ. In L.A. it was mostly Chris Paul that made the plays and Griffin (and DeAndre Jordan) where the receivers of pricise passes. In Detroit Griffin has gotten more of a leader role and his game has really elevated.

Biggest asset going the other way was Tobias Harris. Harris has bounced around a bit more i the league, but made a very good impression in Detroit and despite Griffins reputation, there were quite a few unhappy people in Motown when Harris left. Also in his case it tuned out to be a good career move and he is having the best season ever with L.A. He is quietly sneaking up on a 180 season, meaning 50% from the floor, 40% from 3 and 90% from the line. Only seven players have ever achieved that and last payer to do it was Steve Nash and he had four(!) 50-40-90 seasons. And one (1) free throw away from his fifth. Bird had two. Rest of that list contains names like Curry, Durant, Reggie Miller and Dirk so it is quite good company.

It was quite an emotional game but probably more to Griffin than Harris. He absolutely dominated and ended up with 44 points. Good also to see that he was well received from the home crowd. Can’t blame a payer for being traded, but fans tend to forget that. Harris only managed 11 in this game so it is Bake by 33 and a 33% discount on a Molten GGX (size 7 or 6) basketball. Great (great) deal by two great players. We’ll see them both in the All-Star game – right?

Offer ends January 21

Week 4 – Ballin’ in L.A.

No one missed that LeBron “took his talents” to Lakers this summer. Now he has been out a while with injuries, so who is picking up the slack? Few players has been surrounded by som much drama as Lonzo Ball – not necessarily because of him or his playing, but his family and business and other off court activities. But can he play? Next weeks stat is his points in Saturday’s game vs the Rockets. And the items for sale are any short-sleeved T-shirt from Under Armour.


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