Stat of the Week Sale – w48


Drummond cleaning the class

16% discount on Sport Bra:s from Under Armour – as decided by Drummond!

In the shadows of the big superstars, Detroit has Andre Drummond who has been top two in rebounds every season since 2013. And he leads the league this year also with 16.2 rebounds per game. He is also fourth in double-doubles. This season he as 5 of the leagues total of ten 20/20 games. That’s half! Or as many as the rest of the NBA together.

So in honor of the old-school big-man basketball style of play we will this week offer a 16% discount (equaling Drummonds rebounds) on all sports bras from Under Armour, based on Drummonds monster game versus the Suns last Sunday. Drummond had 16 rebounds, 7 of them offensive and 19 points to go with that. Great game and yet another great deal for you, decided by a great player!

Offer ends December 2

Week 49 – OKC Stealing the show?

Defense leads to offense. That’s what my coach used to preach – like most other coaches. It has however proven to be true. Good defense will lead to fast break opportunities and easy buckets. So much of the fan base are looking for the spectacular dunks and alley-hoops, but a few seconds before them there is often a steal that leads up to that. Spectacular dunks from a half-court set is much harder than running an open floor and throwing it down. So which team is best at stealing the ball? So far this year it is the Oklahoma City Thunder at 10.6 steals per game, much due to Paul George who leads the league with 2,32 steals per game. That’s what we call defense!

Women's Under Armour Tech™ V-Neck T-Shirt Black
Women’s Under Armour Tech™ V-Neck T-Shirt Black

So next week we will have a discount based on the number of steals the OKC manages when playing the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. Watch the game, study the defense and check back next week to get yourself – or your girlfriend – a training top from Under Armour at a discount yet to be decided.


As mention (here) this season we will let the NBA teams and players create fantastic deals for you. Each week we will select a relevant stat from a game and let that be your discount on a select item from the store.



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