Stat of the Week Sale – w6


Missing Oladipo

Last week Vicor Oladepo went down with a season ending knee injury. Devastating news on a personal level and sympathy was shown from all over the NBA and rest of the Basketball world. For the Indiana Pacers it also meant loosing their biggest star, averaging about 19 points per game. Sometimes these things break a team. Other times it glues them together and other players step up and take advantage of the opportunity. The Pacers lost the first four games after loosing Oladipo, but the game we targeted for this weeks sale versus Miami, things changed. Darren Collins was the first to step up in Oladipos absence with 20 point and 6 assists. He also shot 2 for 2 from three. Bojan Bogdanovic had an even better game with 31 points and 7 rebounds, while shooting 3 for 7 from three. Then there was a well balanced attack from basically the rest of the team. The game ended with a 95-88 victory. Seven points differential in Pacers favor, means 7% discount on protective gear this week. As a reminder for you to play hard, but take care of your body and avoid injuries.

Offer ends February 11.

Week 7 – Suns stealing the show?

The Suns are not having a good year. Dead last in the Western conference with the second worst record of the entire NBA. For those of us who have been around, we remember not long ago when the Suns was really a contender, but also realize that was much due to Steve Nash who is one of the best point guards to ever play the game. Now they are a shadow of what they used to be. Still, they do a few things good. They are second in steals per game – problem is they do not convert enough of them into points. Next week we will look at Suns number of steals when playing the Sacramento Kings on Saturday and let that be the discount on a Molten GFX basketball. See you all then.


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