Stat of the Week Sale – w4


Ballin’ in L.A. – 8% discount on T-shirts from Under Armour

We assume no one missed that LeBron “took his talents” to L.A. last summer. Now he has been out a while with injuries, so is anyone picking up the slack? Few players have been surrounded by so much drama as Lonzo Ball – not necessarily because of him or his playing, but his family and business and other off court activities. But can he play? That was the question for this week’s Stat of the Week Sale. His points in Saturday’s game vs the Rockets is the discount on selected T-Shirts from Under Armour.

Unfortunately Lonzo went down with an injury in the 3:rd quarter and only scored 8 points before that. He also had 11 assists so we guess we can conclude that he can play. But right now the guy who is really picking up the slack in LeBron’s absence is Kyle Kuzma. In the game vs Rockets he had 32 points and in the last five games he scored 32-32-16-29-11. Kuzma’s brilliant game was however clouded somewhat by his fumble on the last possession where he could have sent the game to a second OT, but dropped the ball out of bounce. Lakers actually lead the entire game, start to finish …. until 2 seconds left of the game when the Rockets tied it and sent it to OT. And Lakers then lost in overtime. Luke Walton got himself ejected from the game which didn’t help the Lakers. Neither did Harden’s 48 points…

Before going down Lonzo helped you to a 8% discount on selected T-Shirts from Under Armour. Good deal – good player!

Offer ends January 28

Week 4 – Baskets made ≠ most points

Men’s UA Blitzing 3.0 Cap
Men’s UA Blitzing 3.0 Cap

James Harden is currently on a fantastic streak. It’s hard to keep up with how many games in a row he had more than 40 points. He is also the leader in points per game this season. His step-back (how many steps?) threes is almost an unstoppable shot. But few realizes he does not score the most buckets. Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans does that with 10.5 to Hardens 10.3. Obviously because Harden takes and makes more threes he scores more with fewer baskets. Davis also attempts 20.6 shots on average to score his 10.5 baskets (meaning about 50% accuracy) whereas Harden takes 23.5 shots to score his 10.3. Saturday night the Pelicans will square off against the Spurs. Davis number of made baskets will be the discount on an Under Armour Hat next week. See you then!


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