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All Star Weekend came and went with the usual festivities – celebrity game, USA vs World, Skils challenge, 3-point contest, Slam Dunk and the game itself.

USA vs World

Since a few years back what used to be the rookies vs sophomores is now young players from US against rest of the world. Team World won the last two years, but this year Team USA snapped the loosing streak with a 161-144 game. And id you haven’t been around the numbers are correct – the All Star weekend is not a showcase for defense by any standards. Kyle Kuzma was voted MVP with his 35 points.


Tatum won the skills challenge with a almost half court heave. Which is typical of this contest – regardless how skilled of a ball handler/passer you are it is almost always the last three that decides the winner.

Speaking of threes, the three point contest was won by Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets. Both the Currys was in the contest and shooting in front of the home crowd (they grew up in Charlotte). Steph ended up in second place behind Harris.

And then of course the Dunk Contest with it’s Las Vegas type dunks that has little to do with Basketball but still enjoyable. Will be most remembered for the winner Hamidou Diallo jumping over Shaq for a dunk.

All Star Game

Also the All Star game has changed for since a few years back. What used to be East vs West has been replaced with a team leader from East and one from West that pick players for their teams. This year it was Team LeBron for the West and Team Giannis for the East. Giannis himself finished with 38 points, but it was Durant, for team LeBron, who won the MVP with 31 points. Game was won by LeBron with 178-164. Did I mention the lack of defense in these games?

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