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The Suns did not steal the show

The Suns are not having a good year. Dead last in the Western conference with the second worst record of the entire NBA. Not that long ago the Suns was really a contender, but mainly due to the presence of Steve Nash who is one of the best point guards to ever play the game. Now they are a shadow of what they used to be.

Still, they do a few things very well. Stealing the ball is one of them. They are second in steals per game – problem is they do not convert enough of them into points. Yesterday we took a look at Suns number of steals when playing the Sacramento Kings. In this particular game the Suns didn’t even manage to get the steals right. Five steals altogether in the game which the Sacramento Kings lead from start to finish. Three of the steals were by rookie Mikal Bridges, who is among the top 20 in the league in steals with 1.6 per game.

Another rookie that made an impressions in the game was the Kings Marvin Bagley III who had a career high 32 points. Sacramento eventually won the game with 117-104, and as stated above with 5 steals for the Suns there will be a 5% discount an a Molten GFX baskeball, size 6 or 7 this week.

Offer ends February 18.

Extended offer

We also learned that at least the Swedish post for last weeks sale was corrupt and have not made the offer justice. So we will run that campaign this week also, in parallell with this weeks Stat of the Week Sales. Two great deals at the same time! 7% off protective gear.

Week 8 – All Star Weekend!

Next weekend is All Star Weekend and no regular games are played. Also the stats from the All Star game are both unreliable, unpredictable and not really recorded. So we will just stick with a 10% discount on our All Star Gear. But for that you need to check back next week.


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